Before I get started I just want to give you readers some background. I was in a relationship with my stalker from 2015-2017. It has now been two years since I’ve broken up with her and she is relentless. She pretends to be customers of my business with fake names, she has stalked me at the gas station and has bombarded my email with pleas to give her another chance. The reason I broke up with her is that I realized that our whole relationship she had cheated on me and lied about every little thing (including stealing money from her work and being fired for it) and has always refused to fess up to these behaviors. She also reminds me of the person that essentially “gave me” PTSD so that’s not cool either. They are both very charismatic and use money to manipulate people. I feel stupid for falling for her tricks but at the same time, I’m just giving into victim blaming if I tell myself that. So due to recent events, I am compelled to write this open letter to this horrible manipulative person. Here goes nothing…

Dear Stalker,

I don’t even use your name anymore. You don’t deserve that type of respect. I solely refer to you as Stalker. I don’t even know why you are so adamant about getting close to me again. You ruined your chances long ago. I was just too naive and trusting of people to see it then. Heck, I even have fallen for some of your games more recently. You’ll never win though. I’m sure you think I’m an easy target but as time goes by I’m just getting stronger and stronger. I’m not giving you the power to control my life. I let my childhood abuser hold power over me for so long, even after the abuse ended, but that’s not what’s happening with you. You are a disgusting person that needs more help than you even know. I am going to live my life without ever worrying about you. Without ever being reminded that you were ever a part of my life. The pictures are long gone and the memories are erased; I have a gift of throwing disrespectful people to the waste side and I know you know that. You always told me you were worried I would leave you and now it all makes sense why you would say that. Well, when I did leave you there was no turning back. You may have manipulated me into things since then by taking advantage of me but I won’t let this insane stalking and harassment go on any further. My treatment team is working with the authorities to keep you the hell away from me for good. So you better hope it doesn’t ruin your career. Watch out.

-The girl who never needed you

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