Disclaimer: I am diagnosed with bipolar I disorder and have been hospitalized for it three times in the past three years. In no way am I saying if you adhere to the following tips that you’ll be symptom-free, instead these are just things I do to help keep myself safe.

  1. NO CREDIT CARDS: When I am manic, or even hypomanic, my impulsiveness gets me into trouble. I shop ’til I drop and have no care in the world. I could have to pay my car payment the next day and spend all $200 of it right then and there. If I don’t have a credit card, when I’m up at four in the morning all manic, I can’t purchase copious amounts of things online.
  2. NO ALCOHOL/DRUGS: I have never been much of a drinker, not even in college. It just wasn’t my thing, so four years ago I figured I don’t want to ingest even an ounce of alcohol. Hence, I am sober. It might be an extreme fear, but I don’t want alcohol to interfere with my meds/ extreme moods. I already struggle with suicidal ideation and such that I don’t need something else potentially causing a harmful behavior.
  3. NO CAFFEINE: Personally I am extremely sensitive to caffeine. Whether you are or not probably doesn’t matter much, because I’ve always read that caffeine is not recommended for those with bipolar disorder. Not only can caffeine organically cause hypomania/mania, but caffeine also causes a decreased need for sleep, which can trigger a manic episode. In those of us with bipolar, less sleep causes less and less sleep.

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