So today I am celebrating a Friendaversary with my dear friend I met in residential eating disorder treatment. Exactly two years ago she started the program, and at the time we had no idea how close we would actually become.

And this is not your traditional friend. She is eight years younger than me, meaning she is currently in college. She could easily be too engulfed in frat parties, internships, pulling all-nighters, and her boyfriend. What makes this friendship so special is that despite all of that, she is still there for me.

Because we met in an eating disorder treatment facility, our relationship is also unique in that aspect. A lot of our conversations revolve around eating disorder recovery. As a matter of fact, while we have been friends I have recovered (in my own words, meaning I consistently avoid eating disorder behaviors). I wholeheartedly believe that having her as my friend aided in the process of my recovery.

She always tells me, “You haven’t come this far to only come this far.” I spent thirteen years in and out of treatment centers fighting for my life because of bulimia. I kept pushing, harder than ever, reaching out to her and others for support, and here I am- recovered.

Not only do we share a unique bond because of our struggle with eating disorders, our dogs bring us together too. She has a puggle and her puggle’s dad was the pug. Well, I have a pug, so we always joke my dog is her dog’s dad, even though my dog is younger.

Silly things like that keep our friendship strong. We always have something to talk about and if we don’t, we take Buzzfeed quizzes. We also tell eachother which selfie is best for Instagram and help eachother with relationship stuff. You know, normal friend things.

The first time we hung out in treatment we actually were playing a board game called Cadoo. She rolled a “G” and had to guess something I wish I had that started with a “G.” She said gallbladder, because I previously mentioned I had my gallbladder taken out due to my eating disorder behaviors. We cried laughing and I have wanted to be her friend ever since.

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