National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week in 2019 is February 25- March 3. This is a very important week for me because of my personal struggles with bulimia for 13 years. I was in and out of treatment centers and felt that there was no hope in sight for me. Finally, I said “enough is enough” and used all of the knowledge and skills learned in treatment and kicked Ed to the curb. Of course I still struggle with the thoughts at times but the eating disorder no longer consumes me. I appreciate organizations like NEDA for making strides in research and helping people struggling with eating disorders connect with resources. I make these National Eating Disorder Awareness symbol cards all year round, but want to especially highlight them during this time. They’re great for friends you’ve been in treatment with, for a loved one struggling with recovery, or even a love letter to oneself. They can be purchased on my Etsy site here. They also can be custom-made at request.